1886 On the 8th of March at entry of Zintseviy ruchey there were erected mechanical work-shops for building and construction of sea port.

1889 There was the first navigation, during which 830 ths puds of cargo were handled. Nearby the eastern groin the building slipway was constructed and the first overhaul reconditioning to the tug-boat of dredging convoy “Fadeev” was carried-out.

1899-1900 Production capacities of workshops were developed.

1901 Completion of works on construction of a new coal port, which permitted acceptance of vessels with higher cargo capacity.

1905 Construction of a new building slipway, equipped with 3 underwater ways and boiler house. 

1911 There was built a new iron dock with lifting capacity of 2000 tons, providing services for both the engineering ships of port and merchant ships of the Sea of Azov.

1913 Construction of water area of repairing basin and power plant. 

1920 Equipping of Azov Warship Flotilla. About 23 vessel were converted. 

1922 The big ship-repair base complex on the Sea of Azov was set-up as a successor of Mariupol ship-repair workshop.

1924 The floating dock, involved by White Guardsmen was returned from Novorossiysk.

1927-1930 Boiler shop, forging shop, machine-assembly shop and foundry shop were built. The staff of employees increased to 300.

1931 Mechanical work-shops of Mariupol port were reorganized into Ship-repair Yard.

1946 Commencement of pontoon building.

1947 Ship-repair yard was reorganized into mechanical and boiler-making plant.

1955 Resumption of ship-repair activity. The enterprise was reorganized into Zhdanovskiy ship-repair yard of Ministry of Marine.

1956 Introduction of practice of constant vessels’ construction (passenger boats, oil-and-debris collectors, docks)

1958-1960 In the marine fleet system the Yard became the only supplier of grabs for all ports of Soviet Union. Also for the fist time ever in the branch the building of docks with lifting capacity of 5000 tons started. 

1966 The first in the USSR building of sea-going oil-and-debris collectors was commercialized. 

1978 For internal requirements of the yard there was built the lifting dock with capacity 15000 tons, which is so far in operation. Also in 1978 the yard started the building of floating berths and in 1981 the building of lighters. The production of pipe-bending machines was mastered. 

1986 Zhdanovskiy ship-repair yard was awarded an Order of the Red Banner of Labour. Towards the end of 1980-s Zhdanovskiy shipyard (since the 3rd of July 1986 – Azov Ship-repair Yard of Marine Ministry of the USSR) has grown into the leading enterprise of Azov basin specialized in repair of fleet, manufacture of ship parts, units, building of floating docks, motor-boats, grabs. 

1989 Zhdanovskiy ship-repair yard of Marine Ministry of the USSR was renamed Azov Ship-repair Yard.

2003 The integral property complex of state enterprise “Azov Shiprepair Yard” was granted on lease to Limited-liability society “SRZ” by the State Property Fund of Ukraine. 

2008 The modern grain transshipment complex equipped with certified laboratory and automated system of cleaning, drying and ventilation was constructed on the territory of “SRZ” Ltd 

2010 The enterprise passes under management of Managing company “Mariupol Investment Group”.

2015 Dmitriy Lyashov is appointed as General Director of Azov Shipyard

2015 Azov Shipyard renders assistance to city in fortification works